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Parental Involvement for Childhood Development

parental-involvement-for-childhood-developmentThe role of parents in their child’s development is just as important as the services for childcare in Beckley, West Virginia. One way for parents to become actively involved in promoting the growth of their child is by participating in school activities. Examples include being present during parent-teacher conferences and other school events.

Spending time playing together is incorporated into infant care. Such activity should continue up to the early childhood years. Parents can engage in imaginative play, board games, and playground activities as a way to bond with their children. This method of parental involvement promotes the creativity and social skills of the children.

Parents can also get involved in their child’s cognitive development in Sophia, West Virginia, by reading books to them. It is a perfect way to introduce books to children, which can develop their interest in different genres as they grow up. Children’s books with pictures are an excellent place to start, but gradually explore various styles and authors to keep kids stimulated.

The promotion of healthy habits is practiced both at home and at early childhood facilities like Rising Stars Childcare. Children are taught the importance of good hygiene practices like bathing and handwashing. Healthy habits also include physical activity and peer interactions, which significantly reduce the screen time of kids.

Explore more about how a preschool in Sophia, West Virginia, can further promote your child’s all-around development. We have four locations all over West Virginia to help more parents and kids. You can reach out to us via phone, fax, or email for your concerns and inquiries.

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